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Exercises You Can Do Indoors

Spring showers may keep us from going outside, but it doesn’t mean they have to keep us from moving.  Our founding partner, New Balance Foundation, has some great ways to stay fit even if you have to stay inside.  Here are five ways to get some exercise without using a lot of space and are just as fun inside your house. 


National Picnic Day

Spring has officially been here for a few weeks, and it looks like Mother Nature finally agrees that it’s time for the flowers to start blooming. After being cooped up all winter, enjoy the short-sleeve weather and spend some time eating outside, on a picnic blanket, just in time for National Picnic Day on April 23.  These 8 recipes can be served cold, travel well, and taste best eaten on a blanket under the sun and in the grass.

Hiking Snacks

Spring has arrived and it’s time to get outside.  We’re excited to stretch our legs after a long winter and go for a nice long hike to soak up the sun.  Of course we can’t go on a long walk without a snack. We’re bringing GORP on our hike to make sure we don’t get hungry halfway through. Make some GORP and throw it in your backpack to have a to-go snack.

Happy Passover

Today is the start of the Jewish holiday of Passover.  Celebrate by making matzo brei for breakfast.  Passover lasts until April 11, so you have plenty of time to make this with your family.