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WHAT WE’RE USING: PackIt Lunch Bags


With school just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about lunch! Reusable lunch bags have become a staple in the cafeteria, not only because they are cost-effective, but also there is no waste!  One lunch bag we love is the PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag.  Its cooling technology is built into the walls of the bag so you’ll never waste money on ice packs again, and it keeps items cool for up to 10 hours!

What We Love: Waltham Fields Community Farm

We love to hear about what other like-minded organizations are up to.  Our friends at the Waltham Fields Community Farm, a non-profit farm in Waltham, MA, (which is located really close to the ChopChop office) helps to teach kids about local agriculture and food access through hands-on education.

Cassie, an intern at Waltham Fields Community Farm, wrote a little about the farm and how it helps fuel a relationship between children, healthy food, and cooking.