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Who We Love: Janie Wilson


If you’re watching Chopped Junior this season, you might notice a familiar face.  12-year-old Janie Wilson, who is on the cover of the Fall 2015 issue of ChopChop (holding a chicken) is a competitor on the new show.  Chopped Junior, which premiered October 27th, is the kids’ version of Chopped, the Food Network cooking show. Contestants are between the ages of 9 to 15. 

Cook With Disney and ChopChop This Holiday Season


Cooking with Disney and ChopChop

One of our favorite things to do on cold winter nights is cook a nice warm meal and watch a movie together as a family-especially a Disney movie. So ChopChop has teamed up with Disney (and some of our favorite Disney characters!) to inspire families to cook together this holiday season. 

Disney is releasing four cookbooks inspired by a few different Disney movies: