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Plant A Seed and Watch It Grow by Maxwell Surprenant

ChopChop Kids Advisory Board member, Maxwell Surprenant, had the opportunity to visit the White House in October 2016 with Scholastic to interview former First Lady Michelle Obama. ChopChop is excited to see our relationship with Mrs. Obama continue through our Kids Advisory Board Members.


An Interview with First Lady Michelle Obama

Plant A Seed and Watch It Grow

By Maxwell Surprenant


Incorporating a Smoothie Into Your Everyday Life by Janie Wilson

Now that we are about three months into 2017, I think it is important to assess where we stand with our goals and resolutions. Whether your goal is exercising more or trying new foods, we all want to improve something about our self so we can be the best we can. One way to help you improve your lifestyle is to start making smoothies. Smoothies are not only delicious, healthy, and filling, but they are a great way to start the day off.