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Winter Cooking Activity for Kids: Soup Restaurant

Here are ChopChop, we celebrate healthy and delicious food everyday. We love when there’s even more reason to celebrate, with a wacky, fun food holiday. January has many food holidays and with cold weather outside around most of the country, there’s even more opportunity to stay in and celebrate by cooking a nice, warm meal. We’ll be celebrating all month long and giving you ideas on ways to celebrate with us and of course, some recipes to try with your family! 

Super Soups


As the cold weather in January rolls in, nothing is more inviting than a warm bowl of soup. With an endless variety of soups available, here are some tips on how to select the most nourishing recipes for you and your family!

Freezer Friendly


Providing your children with fruits and vegetables doesn’t always require a trip to the farmers market or even the produce section in the grocery store. You can also consult the freezer!

Eating Healthy On the Go

Between work, school, extra-curricular activities, and the upcoming holidays, eating nutritious meals may be put on the backburner. Instead of grabbing processed, prepackaged foods loaded with unwanted chemicals and calories, plan ahead to ensure you and your family stay healthy while sticking to your to-do list.