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An Impromptu Cookout

This past weekend was a nice long one with some unanticipated downtime. Time to hold an impromptu Sunday night cookout!

We weren't sure how many guests were coming; it looked like a few teenage boys might show up, along with neighbors and friends returning from the Cape, the Vineyard, and Rhode Island. What to cook? Nothing too fancy, something easy to prepare in advance, a little more on the plant-based side of things -- and something to keep on hand as friends came throughout the evening. 

Summer Cooking Adventures of a Novice Cook

Summer is a great time to teach kids to cook while honing your own cooking skills. Relaxed schedules and lots of farm-fresh produce can make cooking with kids fun and delicious. Which is exactly what Stacy Ciaravella, Business Development Director at ChopChop, has decided to do. A self-proclaimed  "really novice" cook, Stacy is finding cooking with her one-year-old to be fun and rewarding (albeit a little messy at times). Check out her thoughts on why it's worth getting in the kitchen with kids, no matter how old your kids are -- or how new you are to cooking.

Favorite Summer Snacks

The end of the school year can only mean one thing – summer vacation for kids everywhere!  While enjoying endless hours of outdoor activities, kids require the right fuel to keep their bodies going during the hot summer days.  Although everyone loves eating summer treats or drinking ice-cold lemonade, healthy snacks and other foods with higher nutritional values can be equally as satiating and even more fun to prepare!

A Father’s Day Food-Inspired Playlist

Many families will be celebrating Father’s Day this weekend, honoring dads, grandfathers, brothers, uncles and friends with things dads love. Sure you have your golf, cookouts, sports games, and just plain relaxing (as dads certainly deserve). Why not shake things up and surprise dad with a special food-themed playlist and enlist the kids to help cook a special dish?

To get you started, here are some favorite food-themed tunes and recipes that will have everyone dancing and cooking!