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Introducing Kids to Caesar Salad

Before I had kids it never occurred to me to serve them different food from adults. In those days I was addicted to Caesar Salad and made it every time my friends came for dinner with their children. Without exception, they were astonished when their kids (who swore never to eat a salad) ate it up happily, even sometimes asking for seconds. Think about it: Caesar salad has the perfect salt/cheese/crisp/crunch combination that most kids like. Can’t get your kids to eat salad?

Vegetable Tasting Extravaganza

Sometimes kids think they don’t like a particular vegetable when in fact what they don’t like is the way it’s been cooked. Think of overcooked boiled broccoli: what could be more disgusting? And yet when roasted, broccoli is sublime.  

Select one vegetable and prepare it several ways at once. Ask your kids to compare and contrast. Which version do they like the most? Is one sweeter? Richer? Prettier? What’s different about the texture? Did anything surprise you? Do you like the vegetable cooked one way and hate it another way?