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Little Green Pouch Reusable Food Pouch


Food pouches or “squeezies” have become a lunchbox staple. Most food pouches contain fruit sauces or baby food. Parents love them because they are convenient and kids love them because they are fun and portable. And with their popularity increasing, there are more reusable food pouches available on the market. We love the idea of being able to fill them with healthy fruit sauces and smoothies kids can make at home and later enjoy on the go. Plus who doesn’t love the idea being green and saving money?  

The Big Picnic


Here at ChopChop, we love a good picnic. And Sunday’s virtual community Big Picnic was no exception! We had hundreds of people “join” us and over 150 photos and links were shared on Sunday. The goal of The Big Picnic was to encourage families to cook together, and then share photos and recipes as a way to inspire and learn from each other. So what did you all bring to the picnic? Here’s just sampling: