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Girl Scouts Troop 88190 Cooking Classes

Over the past few weeks, the girl scouts from troop 88190 of Waltham, MA have come together at the ChopChop Test Kitchen to cook real food together. The 12 girls were interested in learning how to make some classic and tasty recipes while also refining their kitchen skills. With the help of some fundraising through cookie sales, the troop was able to take 3 extended classes at the ChopChop Test Kitchen.

ChopChop Cooking Camp Recap

Last week, the ChopChop Test Kitchen held it’s first Cooking Camp over April Vacation. Students from all over Massachusetts signed up and took part in the five day cooking camp where they each learned new recipes, gained experience refining their kitchen skills, and making new friends in the process!

Secrets of a Spice Girl by Mareesa Ahmad

I remember the exact moment when I fell in love with spices. I was sitting on the kitchen countertop in my pink Dora the Explorer nightgown as I watched my mother cook. I helped her scoop flour onto the cold, granite surface and made a small well in the center of the flour mound. She expertly cracked an egg with one hand; I tried to do the same, but the egg shells fell into the mixture. My mother patiently picked out the shells and said, “you’ll get it next time” in fluent Bengali. I nodded my head sagely.