The Produce News

November 19, 2013

Opal apples to arrive just in time for the holidays

Arriving just in time for the holiday season, Opal and FirstFruits Marketing will leverage the holiday giving spirit with a tagline of "taste the difference, make a difference" and will donate a portion of all Opal apple sales to charity through its Youth Make a Difference Initiative.

[opal] Available in limited quantities, conventional Opal will be released at the beginning of December and likely run through April or until supplies last. Information on where to find Opal apples will be available in early December.

This year a focus on social media and public relations efforts will be supplemented by retailer demos and local events to get the apples in consumers' hands. In-home Opal parties and relationships with brand ambassadors and bloggers will allow consumers to not only taste the apple but also learn about how they can help make a difference through the purchase of the apple.

Additionally, Opal has teamed with ChopChop magazine, an award-winning non-profit cooking magazine for kids 5-12. ChopChop's mission is to inspire kids to cook real food with their families and, ultimately, to reverse the obesity and hunger epidemics.ChopChop founder Sally Sampson will join Opal at local events, demonstrating simple, kid-friendly recipes highlighting Opal apples.

Through the Opal Youth Make a Difference Initiative, FirstFruits is looking to provide funding for small, grassroots organizations surrounding youth-led food and agricultural issues. The initiative asks the fans of Opal apples to nominate worthy organizations that need support. Nominees are run through a stringent set of criteria, and final awards are based on consumer votes of top nominations. Last season the Opal Youth Make a Difference Initiative provided funding for five projects in addition to Katie's Krops.

"It is really inspiring to see the next generation striving to make a real difference in their communities on issues like hunger and healthy eating, the politics of food distribution, and the importance of community service," Keith Mathews, chief executive officer of FirstFruits Marketing, said in a press release. "We can't wait to see what kind of causes this next season brings our way!"

UEB 32642 variety apples are grown exclusively by Broetje Orchards and distributed under the “OPAL” brand name by First Fruits Marketing in North America. This cross between Topaz and Golden Delicious stands out on the shelf with its lovely yellow color and great taste. Sweet to start with a tart finish, Opal has a satisfying amount of crunch and it is highly resistant to oxidation, making it less likely to brown.