Cooking with Kids

Kid-Run Restaurant


Over the years, both my kids—Ben, now 14, and Birdy, 11—have invited us many times to eat at their restaurants. Of course, when they were little, this involved a menu of toy foods from their little wooden kitchen, which could mean the “Special Sandwich” of a whole plastic lobster between two slices of felt bread. Back then, most of the fun for them was in writing down our orders, and also in demanding exorbitant payment—hundreds of dollars of Monopoly money—when the bill came.

The Big Picnic


Here at ChopChop, we love a good picnic. And Sunday’s virtual community Big Picnic was no exception! We had hundreds of people “join” us and over 150 photos and links were shared on Sunday. The goal of The Big Picnic was to encourage families to cook together, and then share photos and recipes as a way to inspire and learn from each other. So what did you all bring to the picnic? Here’s just sampling:

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