Healthy recipes for women, infants and children

ChopChop’s WIC edition is a quarterly magazine targeted toward low-income pregnant and post-partum women and their infants and children up to five years old. Each 16-page issue guides recipients in understanding what to make from their WIC food packages—and how. It’s information that will help families feel confident about cooking tasty, nutritious, and affordable meals for their children. And to pass on those skills for a lifetime of good cooking and good health. We offer:

  • Practical, user-friendly cooking advice
  • Step-by-step, ethnically-diverse recipes
  • Tips on cost-saving and cooking with kids
  • Emphasis on WIC ingredients
  • Plus, information on
    • How and why to build an essential pantry
    • How to shop for and store food
    • How to minimize waste
    • How to stretch ingredients
  • Perfect for biannual WIC nutrition visits

ChopChop’s WIC edition will have the same beautiful photography and inspirational design as the original ChopChop, the award-winning non-profit quarterly family cooking magazine. ChopChop’s mission is to inspire families to cook and eat real food at home.

Give WIC recipients recipes and tips to make the most of their food packages. Order 100 individual copies of ChopChop’s WIC edition for only $90 (including shipping and handling).

To order back issues of ChopChop’s WIC edition, or if you have questions about ordering, please email us directly at or call us at 617.924.3993.



How do I order?
Click the "ORDER NOW" button above to order. To order back issues, please email Limited quantities available. 

Is it available in English or Spanish?
ChopChop’s WIC edition is available in both English and Spanish.  Please specify which version you would like when placing your order.

What is the quantity per box?
There are 100 copies in each box.

What is the price?
Price is $90 for box of 100 in English or Spanish (including shipping and handling).

Is shipping included?
Yes, shipping and handling is included. For other shipping questions, please contact

When will I get my issues?
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How do I get a formal quote for purchasing?
Please contact for a quote.

When will I get my invoice?
You will get an invoice emailed to you within two weeks of shipment.

How can I pay my invoice?
You can pay your invoice by check or credit card.

Can I use a purchase order?
Yes, please submit a PO with your order.

What are your payment terms?
Net due upon receipt.